Why Journal of Research in Administrative Sciences (JRAS)

  • Open Access: Provides free and unlimited access to all.
  • High visibility: Good Indexing and membership.
  • Authors Copyright (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License): The true ownership of the material lies with the author, hence have full control over your own research work.
  • In-depth Peer-Review: Provides authors with detailed feedback of their research work, hence can improve their manuscript, considerably.
  • Fast Track publication: Following a strict and well-defined double-blind peer review policy allows us to ensure quality and at the same time publish fast, thus all accepted papers are published online, immediately after acceptance.
  • Reviewers Recognition: double-blind peer review process is the cornerstone that ensures quality and it is not possible without reviewers, their dedication and timely review demand recognition, which is provided by best reviewer award, certification, and memberships.
  • Online ‘Free’ to publish, JRAS follows a ‘funding model’ hence all expenses are managed by our network of sponsors. It does not have author publication charges (APC), free means free, and forever.
  • Scope: Multidisciplinary, integration of cross-disciplinary approach allows a better explanation of the problem at hand.